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For over 39 years, Community Access Unlimited, Inc. (CAU) has been Helping people with developmental disabilities live full and productive lives in the community. We have helped many people transition from state institutions into community living. We support people based on their individual needs, goals and desires. CAU provides supports and gives a voice to adults and youth who traditionally have had little support and no voice in society. We help people with housing, life skills training, vocational skills, employment, health maintenance, money management, socialization, education, crisis intervention, civic activities and community support. CAU also supports opportunities for advocacy through training in assertiveness, decision-making and civil rights. CAU currently provides a wide array of supports for people with disabilities from around-the-clock supervised care to in-home supports.

CAU will offer supports within the home in an environment that offers each individual a natural home-like setting. Individuals will be encouraged to participate in all aspects of planning activities. The primary aim of CAU's homes is to provide safety, stabilization, and education to live a productive life in the community.

Additional Information About our Services
CAU currently manages:
  • 53 licensed Group Homes/Supervised Apartment Programs utilizing a variety of community-based settings including apartments, condominiums, one and two-family homes; CAU provides Group Home and Supervised Apartment Living to over 330 adults and youth with disabilities.
  • CAU provides in home supports to over 250 adults with disabilities each year.

Supports Within The Home

Community Based Supports provide assistance for Individuals who need direct supports to achieve independence and inclusion. Services are delivered one-on-one by trained staff and may include assistance with community based activities or assistance to perform various tasks like self-care, social skills, and daily living activities. This may include the member attending an event, taking a class, working on daily living skills, ordering off a menu, purchasing items, learning basic cooking skills, laundry skills, or etiquette, or accessing activities in the community. Depending on the level of need, support may be provided anywhere from 2-24 hours per day. CAU supports members with medical and behavioral tiers A through Ea. Individuals and families receiving support are encouraged to become involved in advocacy and the CAU Family Connections group to stay up to date with all CAU happenings.

For more information about our Community Based Supports, click here. To speak with a member of our Information and Referral team, contact us at 908-354-3040, ext. 4272 or
(908) 354-3040
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